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February 26, 2013 06:09 AM PST
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This is a collection of #beats I've been bumping from Halloween [#BEATS 5] up until a day ago,I hope you like and plz if u like any of these check out the artists,links for most are provided at the bottom of this page.
[[Vol. 1 - 5 can be found on this page...boom boom boom lemme hear u say wayoh!!]]

'nuff $#!+..stick around for a while! ._.

Mergie over&out. ^_^

[Thanks Tonika for the cover photo]


Youtaro "Re:"
Lanzo "Relax and MAX"
Sound Genesis "Moment"
[csd] "hipstagraham (bump)"
Negrosaki's Beard "Cuzzo Scroll"
dom$olo "BrownShugaPackets"
Lex Luger "Blowin' Money Fast"
Sango "Never Ending"
Royce "Don't Go!"
Mr. Hone "Evening Star"
djsimon.s "Messin' With Minnie"
Djinji Brown "Dub Sirround"
K-Def "Touching Realness"
DJ Harrison "Main Street Clock Tower"
Big Groove "Never Too Late"
JonOziSmith "YUNoGive"
Les Georges Leningrad "Mammal Beats"
Timbaland "Up Jumps Da Boogie"
Ohbliv "don't take my love for granted"
Red Spyda "Wanna Get To Know You"
Ahwlee "1ne4tuamie"
Daru Jones "Rhode.Timers [Cameo x J Dilla]"
Tenderlonious "Daydream"
Maverick Soul "InnerVision"
Tuamie "Not knowing"
Zikomo "Time"
Noreaga [Knx.] "bludmunee"
A Tribe Called Quest "God Lives Through [Instrumental]"
Cloudofsounds "Boonie Inspired"
Jamaal Jones "Again"
M.E.D. x DâM-FunK "Glydin' [Demo]"
Wino Willy "Px"
Anonamas "Welcome"


Youtaro 'Nusro': https://soundcloud.com/nusro_looops

Lanzo: https://soundcloud.com/lanzobeats

Sound Genesis: https://soundcloud.com/soundgenesis

Mr.Hone: https://soundcloud.com/mrhone

[csd]: https://soundcloud.com/csd

NegroSaki: https://soundcloud.com/negrosaki

Cloudofsounds: https://soundcloud.com/cloudofsounds

Sango: https://soundcloud.com/sangobeats

Royce: http://roycelove.bandcamp.com/

dom$olo: https://soundcloud.com/domsolo

Zikomo: http://zikomo.bandcamp.com/album/magic-deuce

Jamaal Jones: http://luigi-bo87.bandcamp.com/album/one-beat-at-a-time

Wino Willy: https://soundcloud.com/stillwaterchina

K-Def: https://soundcloud.com/kdef

djsimon.s: https://soundcloud.com/djsimon-s

DJ Harrison: http://djharrison.bandcamp.com/

Tuamie: http://soundmastert.bandcamp.com/

Ahwlee: https://soundcloud.com/ahwlee

Knxwledge: http://gloof.bandcamp.com/

DâM-FunK: https://soundcloud.com/damfunk

Maverick Soul: https://soundcloud.com/mavericksoul

Ohbliv: http://ohbliv.bandcamp.com/

JonOziSmith: http://johnozismith.bandcamp.com/

Djinji Brown: http://wordsoundrecordings.bandcamp.com/track/dub-sirround-djinji-brown

Big Groove: https://soundcloud.com/biggroove

Daru Jones [Rusic]: http://darujones.bandcamp.com/

Tenderlonious: http://tenderlonious.bandcamp.com/

Mr. Merge #BEAT5
October 31, 2012 12:38 PM PDT
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This is more of a compilation,some of it is mixed but I just thought the tracks should have some space,besides I suck at mixing.
Enjoy!! ^_^


Khryo "Beautiful At Night"
Fathom 9 "Swing Groove (beta)"
KVZE "relapse(komeback)"
Megiapa "Grey Grace (Under Speed)
Count Bass-D "Worthful/Living and Loving"
Languid "Phind A Wey"
ChromadaData "LeftHand"
Tuamie "It's (thunder there)"
Tek 9 "Old Times, New Times"
Daru Jones "I Need It"
Kanye West "White Dress"
Soul of Earth feat. Omar "This Is Something Gettin' Heavy"
Mergeville "One For Angel"
Markaius Cross "Ridin' With Gucci (Bump)"
See Dee "I Miss That Bitch"
Von D feat. Phephe "Love Music"
LMBR-JCK T "Living Emptily"
DāM-FunK "Sushi"
Beanie Sigel feat. Snoop Dogg "Don't Stop"
Ahwlee "Swoonage"
Ohbliv "Dedication"
Broke "Kings"
NegroSaki "Dislocation Scroll"
Soul Starr 'Sooaamazin(yuaagree)"
LAKIM "Almost Lost You"
Ohbliv "Movin' Me"

Mr. Merge - #BE4TS
May 30, 2012 01:24 PM PDT
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Side 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?wzd10cbc3mjak9t

Side 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?o2xi1f7cprtdjc1


1. poptartpete "FisherPrice(MyFirstMaschineBeat)"
2. Suff Daddy feat. Hulk Hodn "Gimlet"
3. Basketball Williams "FlowerSunshineDunk​(​FeelChips)"
4. MagicXBeats "Thought"
5. Soul Starr "My Have You Changed"
6. S.I.D. "Just Another Day"
7. The Beatnuts "Get Down Baby"
8. DJ Premier "Bring It On"
9. Buckwild "Burn Me Slow"
10. Decompoze & OneManArmy "Glen Close [Instrumental]"
11. J.Rawls "Smile Again"
12. Karriem Riggins "Virgo"
13. Tuamie "Look At It"
14. Lord Gosh "Witness (1 Hope)"
15. Youtaro "BeatTape16"
16. jonphonics "WEEKNIGHTS"
17. 0hbliv "ReadMyEyes"
18. Saukrates "Money Or Love [Instrumental]"
19. Jimichild w/ Chrissy "Some Tender Love"
20. J Dilla "Sleeping Like A Dog"
21. Big Groove "MG"
22. D'Angelo x Knxwledge "DevilsPy"
23. Madlib "MEDical Card [LOOP]"
24. Anonamas "This Moment"
25. Wun Two "Fat"
26. Groove Merchantz [V.I.C. & Godfather Don] "What What"
27. Ahwlee "yep."
28. Brisk Squad [Markaius Cross] "Only For You"

If you like any of the beats,I mean really really like them,then you should give these a visit when you have time:

Markaius Cross: http://soundcloud.com/markaius-cross
Big Groove: http://soundcloud.com/biggroove
0hbliv: http://soundcloud.com/ohbliv
Suff Daddy: http://suffdaddy.bandcamp.com/
Hulk Hodn: http://soundcloud.com/hulkhodn
Karriem Riggins: http://www.karriemriggins.com/
Basketball Williams: http://basketballwilliams.bandcamp.com/
poptartpete: http://soundcloud.com/poptartpete
MagicXBeats: http://www.youtube.com/user/MaGicXBeatS
Youtaro: http://soundcloud.com/youtarobeatz
Ahwlee: http://soundcloud.com/ahwlee
Madlib: http://stonesthrow.com/madlib
Knxwledge: http://gloof.bandcamp.com/
Soul Starr: http://soulful1.bandcamp.com/
Jimichild: http://www.youtube.com/user/jimichild
Tuamie: http://soundcloud.com/tuamie
Wun Two: http://soundcloud.com/wun-two

Mr. Merge - #B3ATS
April 20, 2012 10:07 AM PDT
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dil Withers - Hajj
Ohbliv - Luvpoem
Juj - Micro (twist)
Knxwledge - Loavlee[fillngs]
RZA - The Projects
88 Keys - Stay Up (Viagra)
14KT - Hello.
DJ Harrison - Commuter's Computer
Madlib - Rhinestone Cowboy
Count Bass-D - Gimme A Gig
Broke - Regret It
Dibia$e - Applebeez
Raekwon feat. Altrina Renee - That Good Good [Prod. by Scram Jones]
Big Groove - I'm Not Crazy (Eternal Love)
NegroSaki - Beach Towel Scroll
Marvaless - It's About Time [Prod. by DJ Daryl]
ahwlee - comethru.
Mr Hone - Just $$$
DJ Spinna - Daydreamin'
Big Groove - The One
DARU feat. YUKI - Roccers N Puckers


Mr. Merge #BEATS 2...0
February 18, 2012 09:36 AM PST
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alternate download:
Side A: http://www.mediafire.com/?mvv0jrldyeslu00
Side B: http://www.mediafire.com/?ky2ahl9tdqv8u2d

1. Ahwlee - frostie
2. Bahamadia - I Confess (Swarvy Remix)
3. DJ Harrison - Soundtrack For Eric Pace
4. Kankick - Black Women Candle Wax
5. Diba$e - On Standby
6. Kan Sono - Stole
7. Tony Ozier - Back To The Mitten
8. Harco Pront - Trust
9. Jay Dee - Clap Your Hands
10. Skymark - If You
11. Daru Jones & Rena - Take Your Hand Pt.2 (Outtake)
12. Häzel - The V
13. Lone - Interview At Honolulu
14. Sir-Bliv - Andyoudontsay
15. Clark Kent - Sky's The Limit
16. LAKIM - Lookin' 4 Ladies
17. DJ Roddy Rod - Lightly Anxious
18. Count Bass-D - I Knew She Had Another Scheme
19. Mr. Merge - Feels Good Man
2...0. Fathom 9 - The Groove Rip

for more sounds visit:


Mr. Merge | #BEATS
November 17, 2011 04:56 PM PST
itunes pic

Side A:
0hbliv - Allstoned
Swarvy feat. Mndsgn - Boulders
Fama Eightyseven - Cloud Sky
Tall Black Guy - Sonic Controller
Ahwlee - Fo'TheKids.
Knxwledge - FacingYew
Daru Jones - You Were They're
NegroSaki - FutureWife Interlude (Prod. J Dilla)
Sir Froderick - Uprobablyfallinlove
Kanzulu - Love of Ca$h
Madlib - Money
T. Robinson (LMBRJCK) - Save Us
Slakah The Beatchild - Rebels Vison
Oddisee - I Mean Business
DJ Roddy Rod - Makin' It Blend
Mr. Dibiase - Ghostly
Tevin Campbell - Could It Be /Tyler The Creator - Up

Side B:
DJ Harrison - One Way Downtown
Olly Riku - Just Thinking About You
JoshVMusic - Because I Love You
Chromodata - Climax Vol2
Space - Nightbreed
Da Grassroots - E-Z On Tha Motion
12 Inch - Just A Second
Minnesota - I'm Not A Player
Will.I.Am - I Want You
S.I.D. - How Nice I Am
Hazel - Fantastic
Jay Dee - Pack Da House
The Neptunes - Don't Stop
Showbiz - Sally Got A One-Track Mind
Beatnuts - Straight Jacket
Dam Funk - Just Ease Your Mind From All Negativity
Dionne Farris - Every Day
Mathematics - Strawberries & Cream
RADICAL EDWARD - ay mr. lovegood! do that chang swang!
Diplo - Way More
Tony Ozier - Ode To D'Angelo (The Root)
Raphael Saadiq - Save Us
Olly Riku - Hold This (SLOWED)

Alternate Download Links (For Each Side):

A: http://www.mediafire.com/?dk4mmn3cgm8fkpu

B: http://www.mediafire.com/?65rld7avl9t11tt